A solar pump is essentially an electric pump attached to an independent power supply.
When the clouds pass in front of the sun, the intensity of the light falling on the solar panels decreases.
Solar pumps are recognized as achieving the "gold standard reliability" for moving water.
Solar pumps can benefit those who need to move regularly large amounts of water without having access to metropolitan water or city diet.
There is really no limit except for the cost. The different models of Lorentz have different abilities.
The amount of water that Lorentz pumps depends on the model of the pump and the total head (HMT) that must be overcome.
The use of batteries with solar pumping systems is avoided. Batteries are inefficient, expensive and can significantly increase the cost of a solar pump system.
We do not recommend using a Lorentz when pumping liquids other than water. Corrosive liquids will degrade and eventually destroy your pump.
Lorentz pumping systems are designed to operate in the open air, under intense sun or heavy rain, or in high winds for years.